So Handy: Baycare Clinic Donation Makes Food Transport Easy

On July 12, 2023, BayCare Clinic donated 500 sturdy canvas bags to Hope Center Pantry. Pantry volunteers use the bags to pack food items for single clients. The bags fit enough food for clients who are the only one in a household. Not only are the bags convenient for transporting food, clients keep the canvas bags and can reuse them as needed.

Reusable Bag Donation Supports Pantry Clients

The canvas bags are really handy for clients to carry food, especially if they walk or bike to Hope Center Pantry, 505 Clinton Street, Green Bay. Balancing a paper grocery bag filled with food on a bike is a challenge! Plus, paper grocery bags tear easily and are difficult to carry, even a short distance.

Consider Donating to Hope Center Pantry

Thanks to Baycare Clinic for the donation of canvas bags! If your business or nonprofit is interested in organizing a food drive or donating miscellaneous items to Hope Center Pantry, contact us. View our Wish List on the How You Can Help page.