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Hope Center Entrance

Hope Center Mission Statement

Adopted June 9, 2016

The mission of the Hope Center is to serve and guide those who are in need. It is our responsibility to empower and support others.

Who We Are

The Hope Center is a collaboration of the West Side Catholic parishes of Annunciation, St. Agnes, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Joseph, St. Jude, Nativity and St. Patrick who work with other faith communities on the West Side of Green Bay to help break the cycle of poverty.

Hope Center is home to St. Patrick’s Pantry and Love Life Ministries. Our mission is to serve and guide those who are in need. It is our responsibility to empower and support others.

Our Vision

There is a constant need for emergency food and for supplies for families with infants and small children. That’s why Hope Center assists people in need. We strive to enhance our emergency needs programs through St. Patrick’s Pantry and the Love Life Ministry. Even more importantly, Hope Center collaborates with other social service organizations to find ways to break the cycle of poverty.

Hope Center brings together, in one location, a collaboration of services. Hope Center empowers the individuals who use our services, enabling them to stand on their own. It is not just about giving someone a fish which will feed them for a day, but also about teaching them how to fish, which will feed them for a lifetime.

In the years to come, the planning committee hopes to engage and partner with other denominations and social service organizations who serve those on the West Side of Green Bay.


St. Patrick's Pantry Volunteers
Volunteers at a St. Patrick’s Pantry food drive

In the beginning, Hope Center set a goal to partner with other social service organizations to help achieve our larger vision. Peter Moran, a parishioner of St. Patrick Parish, Green Bay, volunteered to work with local agencies to bring additional services to the Hope Center. Since November 2017, the following have taken place:

  • A trained volunteer was at the Hope Center every Wednesday in November and December 2017 to assist with budget counseling, stress management, parenting tips, etc.
  • Members of the Brown County UW Extension staff visited the Hope Center four times in November 2017, sharing information about healthy eating.
  • A health care professional volunteered to perform blood pressure screenings.
  • The League of Women Voters visited the Hope Center for two days in May. Representatives registered voters and displayed a mock voting booth.
  • Hope Center purchased a brochure rack and stocked it with information on topics relevant to clients.

In January, Peter offered Lifeskills 2018, a four-part series focusing on:

  • 50 Ways to Save Money
  • Be Stress Free
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Addiction

Living Hope

It is by working together that we can make incredible progress into alleviating the problem of poverty. Where one voice is strong, add another and another and another. The world will see and experience what happens when people come together, each doing a part and changing situations that are chronic, and in many cases, generational.


In March 2016 the Quad-Parishes on the West Side of Green Bay, Wisconsin (Annunciation, St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Patrick) purchased the former Fox Communities Credit Union building at 505 Clinton Street, Green Bay. The Quad-Parishes began renovating this building, and renamed it Hope Center. In August 2016 St. Patrick’s Pantry and Love Life Ministry Program moved out of the rectory basements at their respective parishes and into the new space at the Hope Center. Both programs continue to meet the basic needs of many families on the West Side of Green Bay.

When the idea of the Hope Center was conceived, one goal was to bring in other agencies to provide programs and resources for clients and the wider community. St. Patrick parishioner Peter Moran serves as a liaison between Hope Center and local agencies. Several agencies have become involved. The Brown County UW Extension staff shared information about healthy eating. The Brown County Human Services Department helped people apply for energy assistance. A health care professional volunteered to check blood pressures one day a month. The League of Women Voters registered voters, and two Green Bay police officers told about the needs of the local population.

In February 2018 Whatsoever You Do Ministries began administrating four distinct outreach programs through the Hope Center: StreetLights Outreach, Spokes of Hope, Amani Outreach and Giving Garden.

Many good ministries and services are bringing hope to hundreds of people through the Hope Center. All services are offered without charge. Hope Center is meeting the immediate needs of clients and offering resources to help break the cycle of poverty. The success of all these programs would not be possible without the many, many hours provided by dedicated volunteers.

Financial support for the day-to-day operating costs of maintenance, utilities, trash collection, lawn care, snow plowing, etc. is provided by the Quad-Parishes of Annunciation, St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Patrick, along with the West Side Green Bay parishes of Nativity, St. Agnes, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Other parishes and individuals support the program through monetary and material donations. 100% of donations to the specific programs go to these programs. This is possible because all labor is provided by volunteers. God has to be saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

A heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers and to the parishes that support the organization. Special thanks to those who provide monetary and material donations. Together we are making a difference in the Green Bay community as we continue to reach out and serve our brothers and sisters in need in our neighborhoods.

History of St. Patrick’s Pantry and the Love Life Ministry Program

Hope Center Green Bay
Entrance for St. Patrick’s Pantry and Love Life Ministry at the Hope Center

St. Patrick’s Pantry began its ministry in the 1970s serving coffee and sandwiches to men living on the street. When parishioners noticed families were coming to the parish for food, parishioners began providing grocery staples as well. The number of families grew tremendously through the years. In 1995 St. Patrick’s Pantry served 1,499 families, but in 2017 it served 4,760. As the number of families grew, so did the need to get help from other parishes and community groups. We now receive help from 11 parishes in Greater Green Bay and De Pere. St. Patrick’s Pantry is managed and staffed completely by volunteers.

As an ecumenical outreach ministry, Love Life Ministry began providing basic infant needs for low income families on the West Side of Green Bay in 1993. At that time, a small group of members from St. Joseph Parish began collecting baby items from parishioners to make layettes for distribution to families in need. As the need grew, so did the number of parishes participating. Before long the program was providing layettes, diapers, baby furniture and other essential items for new parents. Due to the increased need throughout the area, Love Life Ministry opened a location on the East Side of Green Bay on October 7, 2004. Volunteers manage the various components of this ministry.