Food Donation: Stranger’s Act of Kindness Fills Pantry Shelves

food donation to Hope Center Pantry from Green Bay man

The kindness of strangers sometimes stops us in our tracks. On July 20, 2023, we received a call from someone who wanted to donate some food for a good cause on behalf of his mom. He had called several agencies before reaching out to us because no one seemed to take his food donation request seriously. He asked us several questions about what we do at the pantry (hours we’re open, number of clients we serve, etc.). Then he asked us what our greatest current needs were at the pantry. We told him we were in need of food donations of pasta, canned chicken, mac-n-cheese, peanut butter and taco seasoning for our summer taco kits.

Surprise Call Unearths Extraordinary Generosity

He said he’d like to buy all of those items to help out the pantry, but he would need some assistance. So, the following day, we met him at the service desk as Woodman’s. After showing him our credentials for the pantry, we shopped at his direction. It took almost two hours as we eventually had several carts to maneuver. While shopping, we got to hear more of his story. He moved back to the area 40 years ago to be near his mom and help take care of her. They had a special relationship.

774 Pounds of Food Fill Pantry Shelves

When it was time to check-out, the total bill was $1,707.94. He purchased 774 pounds of food to be donated to the pantry, which filled an entire minivan! We had no words to thank him enough for the food donation and his unexpected generosity. We invited him to tour the pantry so he could see where his substantial food donation was going to be used. He said that he was sure that the food would be well-used, and off he went.

Goosebumps of Gratitude

We still get goosebumps recalling this extraordinary generosity and are beyond grateful for his kindness. Although he chooses to remain anonymous, he most definitely is no longer a stranger.