Hope Center Pantry Helps Kids & Families at Homeless Shelter

Family of dad and 2 kids

Hope Center Pantry is a steadfast partner of Freedom House Ministries. Freedom House, located on the East Side of Green Bay, assists families with dependent children who are experiencing homelessness. Freedom House, an emergency homeless shelter, can accommodate 16 families and assigns each family a room based on the family’s size. These three testimonials describe the powerful and life-changing experience that Freedom House residents experience.

I learned how it feels to live an abuse-free life, and I found my voice again.

Freedom House resident

Freedom House isn’t just a shelter, it’s a home full of happiness.

Freedom House resident

Freedom House changed our lives.

Freedom House resident
Freedom House logo

Freedom House, Green Bay

Freedom House provides residents with:

  • Meals & snacks
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Childcare support
  • Classes in parenting, employability skills, budgeting & independent living

Every family leaves the shelter with an individualized budget and an understanding of the qualities of a good tenant.

Homeless Shelter for Families with Children

Freedom House moved into a new location at 2997 St. Anthony Drive, Green Bay, in March 2020 and assisted 564 people in its first six months. Since opening in 1992, the homeless shelter has helped thousands of families and children. A majority of residents successfully journey to self-sufficiency and independence. Overall, Freedom House helps families become more independent and break the cycle of poverty. To assist with this goal, Hope Center Pantry donates food to the homeless shelter, to help those who are homeless in the community.

Food Donations for Nonprofits in Green Bay

Freedom House Ministries was overjoyed to receive food donations from Hope Center Pantry. The panty provided pasta, “helpers,” canned fruit, dental floss, powdered drink mixes and children’s snacks. Hope Center Pantry is committed to assisting Freedom House Ministries and other nonprofit agencies in Brown County by utilizing our talented, dedicated volunteers and surplus of food. Join us in our mission to to serve and guide those who are in need. It is our responsibility to empower and support others. Contact us to learn how.

Source of quotes: https://freedomhouseministries.org/