Whatsoever You Do

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Whatsoever You Do Inc. is a nonprofit community of doers and donors who honor and serve the sacred dignity of the most vulnerable people in our human family.

Whatsoever You Do, Inc. consists of four unique outreach programs:

Streetlights Outreach

A feet-on-the-street outreach with a fourfold mission:

  1. Provide a positive presence in at-risk neighborhoods
  2. Personally encounter people as they are, where they are, without judgment
  3. Engage people on the margins with the dignity of conversation and community
  4. Provide assistance and support where it is needed and welcomed

Streetlights Outreach hosts four or five Block Parties each summer in Whitney Park on the edge of downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. We invite everyone from the neighborhood, many of whom live with the challenges of poverty, homelessness, PTSD and other mental health disorders, addictions, past incarcerations, and many other forms of loneliness and brokenness. We serve burgers, hotdogs, chips and cookies while our neighborhood guests enjoy music, participate in children’s activities, build relationships, and foster a sense of belonging.


Streetlights Block Party
Streetlights Block Party


Spokes of Hope

For many on the margins, a simple bicycle is their only steady, reliable transportation to work, school, appointments and other events. Spokes of Hope volunteers make sure they have safe, well-serviced bicycles they can depend on.


Spokes of Hope Volunteer
Spokes of Hope Volunteer
Spokes of Hope Volunteer


Amani Outreach

Amani Outreach is a program staffed by pairs of volunteers who visit the homes of seniors and people with disabilities of any kind to offer a listening ear and perform small, routine maintenance such as changing light bulbs, replacing batteries in smoke detectors, and other projects that can be completed without the use of major tools.


Amani Outreach Volunteers
Amani Outreach Volunter
Amani Outreach in the News


Giving Garden

Throughout the summer, Giving Garden volunteers work in a community garden to raise healthy, fresh vegetables which are donated to area food programs and low/no income neighbors.


Giving Garden Volunteer
Giving Garden Volunteer
Giving Garden Volunteer


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