Say Cheese! Pick Up Dairy Donations at Green Bay Pantry

Save-A-Lot milk voucher for 1 gallon of milk from Hope Center Pantry
Clients receive milk vouchers for Save-A-Lot to select the milk of their choice – when they actually need it.

Where in the world would people wear a wedge of cheese on their heads to cheer for their favorite National Football League team? Nowhere but Green Bay, Wisconsin! As the official home of the Cheeseheads, Wisconsin is known for the Green Bay Packers, triangle-shaped Cheeseheads headwear, and dairy production. Dairy is a major industry in Wisconsin, so the state is nicknamed “America’s Dairyland.”

Green Bay Pantry Near Lambeau Field

Hope Center Pantry is proud of its Wisconsin roots. Hope Center Pantry is located on the West Side of Green Bay at 505 Clinton St., a mere 2.5 miles from legendary Lambeau Field, 1265 Lombardi Ave., Green Bay. Our clients benefit from living in the Dairy State because of the dairy donations we distribute.

Dairy Donations of Milk, Cheese, Butter

Hope Center Pantry, Green Bay, is excited to announce a few dairy donation updates for the pantry.
The pantry now

  • Offers a block of cheese to large and small families
  • Replaced margarine with butter for distribution
  • Switched from providing gallons of milk to vouchers for milk

Positive Move, Switching to Milk Vouchers

Previously, the pantry distributed gallons of milk, but now issues vouchers. Clients take the vouchers to Save-A-Lot to select the milk of their choice – when they actually need it. We received fantastic feedback from our clients about the milk vouchers. They are thrilled to have a pre-paid voucher to get the milk that their family truly enjoys. Plus, since the pantry no longer stores milk in its coolers, the pantry has extra cooler space for things like eggs and yogurt when these items are available. It’s a win/win situation!

Qualifying for Food Assistance

Hope Center Pantry, Green Bay, serves people in need who live in Brown County, Wisconsin. The pantry encourages anyone who is in a rough spot, even temporarily, to request assistance. Individuals accepting food are asked to present a photo ID and a current piece of mail. If either of these forms of identification is not possible, individuals can talk with Hope Center Pantry to determine another way to qualify for assistance. No income verification is necessary. The pantry is open from 1-3 p.m. Monday – Thursday. Hope Center Pantry volunteers respect the dignity of all people who come to the pantry regardless of race, status or creed.