Keeping Baby Smiling: Love Life Gives Free Diapers to Encompass Childcare

Baby in diaper with mom and dad

Diapers play an essential role in a baby’s healthy development. However, one in three families struggles to provide clean diapers for their baby, according to the National Diaper Bank Network. Babies can use as many as 10 diapers a day – that’s 300 diapers in just a month.

Encompass, Leaders in Early Education and Care

Love Life Ministry helps keep infants and toddlers clean and dry, helping them live healthy, happy lives. Since August of 2020, Love Life Ministry West has been providing free diapers to clients whose children are enrolled at Encompass, Leaders in Early Education and Care. Additionally, Love Life East has helped Encompass families for an even longer period.

Love Life Ministry Partners with Encompass Child Care Center

Basically, here’s how the partnership between Love Life Ministry and Encompass works. Encompass provides a list of clients to both Love Life East and Love Life West on the first of the month. After Love Life receives the list, volunteers print out two labels for each child. The label contains the child’s name, the size of diapers the child wears, and the location of the Encompass Daycare where the child receives child care services. Once the labels are printed, volunteers pull out the correct size diaper and put the labels on the bags of diapers. Each child gets two bags of diapers every month. Encompass picks up the diapers on the second Thursday of the month.

Helping Families with Diapers, Clothing & Child Care Items

Providing diapers for Encompass families has been going very well, and Love Life Ministry is so glad to help. Obviously, the mothers of these children are working and cannot visit Love Live to pick up the diapers in person. We are very happy that we are able to help them. Diapers are not eligible purchases for parents with an FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (Health Savings Account). Plus, diapers can’t be purchased with FoodShare benefits. That’s what makes this partnership even more important.

Contact Love Life Ministry for Diaper Assistance

If you know of a mom or dad struggling to provide enough clean diapers for their child, or if they need other childcare items, please encourage them to contact Love Life Ministry . Love Life is open from 1-4pm Thursdays at The Hope Center, 505 Clinton St., Green Bay, and Central Church, 831 Schoen St. Green Bay.