So Handy: Baycare Clinic Donation Makes Food Transport Easy

On July 12, 2023, BayCare Clinic donated 500 sturdy canvas bags to Hope Center Pantry. Pantry volunteers use the bags to pack food items for single clients. The bags fit enough food for clients who are the only one in a household. Not only are the bags convenient for transporting food, clients keep the canvas bags and can reuse them as needed.

Reusable Bag Donation Supports Pantry Clients

The canvas bags are really handy for clients to carry food, especially if they walk or bike to Hope Center Pantry, 505 Clinton Street, Green Bay. Balancing a paper grocery bag filled with food on a bike is a challenge! Plus, paper grocery bags tear easily and are difficult to carry, even a short distance.

Consider Donating to Hope Center Pantry

Thanks to Baycare Clinic for the donation of canvas bags! If your business or nonprofit is interested in organizing a food drive or donating miscellaneous items to Hope Center Pantry, contact us. View our Wish List on the How You Can Help page.

2 Champions of the Poor: Hope Center Pantry & St. Vincent de Paul

A toy garage built from a box that contained food delivered by St. Vincent de Paul volunteer.

Give a boy a box, and his imagination will do the rest! We’d like to share this heartwarming story of two charitable organizations working hand-in-hand to make a difference in the life of a family in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

St. Vincent DePaul Answers the Call

Several volunteers at Hope Center Pantry also volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP), Green Bay, Wisconsin. Recently, a SVDP volunteer took a call from a mother with two children. She was between jobs, her car broke down, she received an eviction notice, and her family was low on food. That’s a lot for anyone to handle.

Free Food from Hope Center Pantry

The St. Vincent de Paul volunteer scheduled to meet with her the following day for a full assessment, but it was obvious that she needed free food, immediately. It was 2:45pm on a Thursday (Hope Center Pantry closes at 3pm), and the SVDP volunteer offered to get her some food from Hope Center Pantry to help the mother and her children through the weekend. Hope Center Pantry volunteers promptly delivered a box of food to the family, and the mother was quietly surprised at the generous amount of food. Her little boy carried the gallon of milk into the apartment and came back to help some more. His eyes lit up when he saw the pizza and juice. The volunteer smiled and said she hoped they would enjoy it. He enthusiastically responded, “I’m going to enjoy ALL of it!”

St. Vincent de Paul In-Home Visit

When the St. Vincent de Paul in-home visit team went to the family’s apartment the next morning, the mother was making omelets with the eggs from the pantry. That was wonderful to see, but that’s not all that made the SVDP team happy. They noticed that the boy made a play garage for his toy cars from the Hope Center Pantry food box. Together, St. Vincent DePaul and Hope Center Pantry gave this mother and her son some much-needed support in a difficult time. What a blessing to spread a little bit of hope by helping others.

Help Others by Volunteering at Hope Center Pantry

Want to make a difference in the community by helping others as a Hope Center Pantry volunteer? Contact us about volunteer opportunities or to schedule a visit to the pantry to experience volunteerism first-hand. The pantry is open 1-3pm Monday through Thursday at 505 Clinton St. Green Bay. Read the How We You Help information to learn more. Volunteers provide an essential service to those in need in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area. Thank you to all of the volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul and Hope Center Pantry.

Letter Carriers Food Drive Yields 6,000 Pounds of Food for the Hungry

volunteers at Hope Center Pantry sort donations from the Letter Carrier Food Drive

After a three-year hiatus because of COVID-19, the Letter Carriers Food Drive returned on May 13, 2023, to Brown County, Wisconsin. Green Bay-area residents were encouraged to leave a bag of food by their mailbox to help fight hunger.

Food Drive Collects 6,000 Pounds of Nonperishables

As a result of the Letter Carriers Food Drive, Hope Center Pantry received 10 totes of food, totaling about 6,000 pounds. What a busy day for letter carriers and pantry volunteers! Some Hope Center Pantry volunteers drove the mail carrier routes to collect the food donations. Other volunteers unloaded the nonperishable food at the Post Office and loaded it into totes. Many other volunteers sorted and stored the food at the pantry. What a tremendous effort by so many dedicated pantry volunteers.

Largest One-Day Food Drive in the Country

This food drive is sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers and is the largest one-day food drive in the country. Letter carriers give back to the community by collecting millions of pounds of food, all which stays in the area where it was collected. The 2023 food drive was the 31st event.

Organize a Food Drive at Your School or Business

Thanks to the National Association of Letter Carriers for helping address food insecurity in Brown County, Wisconsin, by organizing the Letter Carriers Food Drive. Hope Center Pantry was honored to receive and distribute the donated food to pantry clients. If your school, business, or nonprofit is interested in organizing a food drive or collection drive for Hope Center Pantry, please contact us. Help us serve and guide those who are in need in the Green Bay area.

Fortifi Bank’s ‘Supper for 6’ Feeds 200 Families


A Green Bay, Wisconsin, bank is a hunger hero! Fortifi Bank stepped up to help end hunger with a food drive. The theme of Fortifi Bank’s food drive was “Supper for 6.” Instead of simply collecting random food items, donors were asked to fill a grocery bag with nonperishable food to complete an entire meal. The instructions were simple. Fill a bag with ingredients to make a meal for six people. Drop the bag off at the bank.

Supper for 6 Collects 200 Bags

As a result, the bank collected enough grocery bags of food donations to benefit 13 food pantries. The Supper for 6 food drive yielded over 1,000 nonperishable food items, equaling 200 meals for families of six. Hope Center Pantry received 33 grocery bags of donated meals. Supper for 6 occurred March 13 to April 13 in each of the nine communities where Fortifi Bank operates a branch office.

Organize a Food Drive at Your School or Business

Thanks to the Fortifi Bank for helping address food insecurity in Brown County, Wisconsin, by organizing the Supper for 6 Food Drive. Hope Center Pantry was honored to receive and distribute the donated food to pantry clients. If your school, business, or nonprofit is interested in organizing a food drive or collection drive for Hope Center Pantry, please contact us. Help us serve and guide those who are in need in the Green Bay area.

Brown Co. Community Woman’s Club Shows Generosity

Brown County Community Woman’s Club at Hope Center Pantry with donations

When this group of women set out to do good, they surpass all expectations! In April, the Hope Center Pantry was fortunate to be the recipients of a monetary donation and a plethora of food items from the Brown County Community Woman’s Club (BCCWC). What a nice surprise when these women delivered these gifts to Hope Center Pantry!

BCCWC Brightens Kids’ Birthdays

BCCWC also donated six birthday bags. Birthday bags are given to Hope Center Pantry clients who have a child 10 or under in their household. In the child’s birthday month, he or she receives a bag containing a cake mix, frosting, candles and a toy. The majority of these birthday bags are donated by two local high school girls’ soccer teams, Notre Dame Academy and Southwest High School. Read more in this article about Birthday Bags and Christmas gift bags.

14,500+ Volunteer Service Hours Annually

The Brown County Community Woman’s Club is a nonprofit organization that provides charitable services and funding to the community. Eight women established BCCWC in 2008 as a nonsectarian, nonpolitical organization that supports the community while promoting social and personal growth of its members. BCCWC logs more than 14,500 hours of volunteer service annually in Brown County, Wisconsin. To date, the BCCWC has donated more than $478,000 in community awards, all in Brown County.

Thank you, Brown County Community Woman’s Club

Thanks to the Brown County Community Woman’s Club for helping address food insecurity in Brown County, Wisconsin. Hope Center Pantry was honored to receive and distribute the donated food to pantry clients. If your school, business, or nonprofit is interested in organizing a food drive or collection drive for Hope Center Pantry, please contact us. Help us serve and guide those who are in need in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area.

Handbags for Hope: Free Purses Bring Smiles to 24 Women

24 Handbags donated by Handbags for Hope

In March, Hope Center Pantry received 24 lovely purses that were kindly donated by an organization called Handbags for Hope. The Brown County, Wisconsin, chapter of Handbags for Hope was started in February 2016 by three teachers from Northeast Wisconsin. These gently used purses were filled with personal hygiene supplies and beauty items. Each bag was tagged with a forget-me-not flower logo. Handbags for Hope organizers chose the forget-me-not symbol because a lot of women feel like they are forgotten or overlooked. This flower reminds them of how special and beautiful they are.

Handbags for Hope Purse Distribution

With such a nice variety of handbags available, the women selected a purse that was perfect for them. The ability to choose a handbag added a critical level of dignity to the handbag distribution. The purses brought so many quiet smiles to the pantry clients. Handbags for Hope truly is a wonderful cause. It provides purses for women who might not be in a situation to purchase a purse themselves.

Contact Us to Organize a Collection Drive

Thanks to Handbags for Hope for helping address a need here in Brown County, Wisconsin. Hope Center Pantry was honored to receive and distribute this donation. If your school, business, or nonprofit is interested in organizing a food drive or collection drive for Hope Center Pantry, please contact us. Help us serve and guide those who are in need.

Hunger is a Problem: Matching Gifts Are Part of the Solution

photo of volunteers of all ages to represent corporate matching gift programs

Financial donations play a huge part in the Hope Center Pantry’s ability to run day-to-day operations. When the pantry receives monetary donations, pantry volunteers have the flexibility to purchase items that clients need the most. Typically, the greatest needs are food and personal hygiene items. The Hope Center Pantry takes pride in giving high-quality items to clients, who truly appreciate the free food and other items. Monetary donations allow the pantry to improve the lives of so many people in Brown County, Wisconsin.

Corporate Matching Gifts Programs

Some corporations make matching gifts to support their employees’ charitable causes. Does your company match your charitable donations? If the answer is yes, please consider donating to Hope Center Pantry. The pantry contributes to the food security of over 400 households each month, representing over 1,500 family members.

Cost to Fill a Box for a Family in Green Bay

When determining the size of a monetary donation to give Hope Center Pantry, consider how many families you will be feeding. Hope Center Pantry fills boxes of different sizes, based on the size of the client’s family. The cost to fill each box varies, but the approximate costs are:

  • X-Large family – $53.48
  • Large family – $45.10
  • Small family – $32.65
  • Single family – $21.61

Tax-Deductible Charitable Donations

We encourage individuals who work at a company-match corporation to donate to Hope Center Pantry. We will be happy to provide a tax receipt to give to employers as proof of the donation. Hope Center Pantry mails tax receipts for all donations over $250. For charitable donations less than $250, Hope Center Pantry will send a tax receipt upon request. Donors can email to request a tax receipt. Please include the check number and date of the check in the email.

Feeding the Hungry of Brown County

The need for food assistance in Brown County, Wisconsin, is high. In January 2023, Hope Center Pantry served 471 clients – representing a total of 1,774 family members. In a community where hunger is a real problem, donors and matching-gift corporations like you are part of the solution. Thank you for your generosity.

Youth Hockey Teams Rally to Feed Those in Need

Hockey players from the Green Bay Youth Hockey Association pose with food drive donations.

What do hockey players and food pantry volunteers have in common? In February, both were helping feed the hungry of Green Bay, Wisconsin. On Feb. 20, several boys wearing hockey jerseys showed up at the Hope Center Pantry delivery door. They represented the Green Bay Area Youth Hockey Association and donated five huge totes of food.

Green Bay Youth Hockey Association Food Collection

The Green Bay Youth Hockey Association collected the nonperishable food donations at Chaos at Cornerstone. The Cornerstone Community Center, 1640 Fernando Drive in Ashwaubenon, offers hockey programs for all ages, including youth and adult hockey leagues, skill classes, and instruction. Forty-two teams of players 8 years old or younger participated in Chaos at Cornerstone.

Raising Awareness About Hunger

Not only did the food collection stock the shelves at Hope Center Pantry, it also raised awareness about hunger in the community. The youth hockey community took action to share their food with their neighbors in need. Imagine the lessons about generosity and compassion that the young hockey players learned by participating in this food drive.

Organize a Food Drive for Hope Center Pantry

Interested in organizing a food drive for Hope Center Pantry? Check out this helpful 5-step guide to a successful food drive published by Feeding America. Feeding America partners with Hope Center Pantry to help feed the hungry of Brown County, Wisconsin. Businesses and organizations can organize a nonperishable food drive to collect canned food and boxed goods. Alternatively, they can organize a virtual fundraiser to collect monetary donations instead of food. Hope Center Pantry uses monetary donations to purchase items that clients need the most. Both types of food drives help keep the Hope Center Pantry shelves stocked and feed the hungry of Brown County, Wisconsin.

Thanks to GBYHA for Hosting a Food Drive

Thanks to the Green Bay Youth Hockey Association for helping address the food insecurity needs here in Brown County, Wisconsin. Hope Center Pantry was honored to receive the items that were collected at this food drive and distribute the food to Hope Center Pantry clients.

Pantry Offers High School Community Service Opportunities

Bayport High School students earn community service hours at Hope Center Pantry

Students who volunteer at nonprofits like Hope Center Pantry aren’t just helping others. They’re helping themselves! Student volunteers learn valuable skills like accountability, responsibility, and punctuality. They have opportunities to engage with others, some who are much different than themselves. Plus, they gain the satisfaction of personally making an impact on the community.

Earning Community Service Hours

The pantry relies on volunteers to operate, so even short-term volunteerism is appreciated. That’s why Hope Center Pantry was excited to have two Bay Port High School students, Ellie and Olivia, perform community service at the Pantry. Pantry leaders found creative ways to engage these high school students, because the students are in school when the Pantry is open. Pantry hours are 1-3pm Monday-Thursday, and pantry is located on the West Side of Green Bay at 505 Clinton St.

Volunteering Enthusiastically

Ellie and Olivia helped gather and pack the meal kit ingredients for Jackson Elementary and also assembled homemade thank you cards. They were such a huge help, and their enthusiasm is contagious!

Seeking High School Volunteers

f you are a high school student or parent of a high school student who needs community service hours before graduation, please consider volunteering at Hope Center Pantry. Contact us. Let the Hope Center Pantry know:

  • Your availability – we have after-hours projects
  • Your skills and interests
  • What will make your volunteer experience more enjoyable
  • Number of community service hours you need

Contact the Pantry to Volunteer

Since Hope Center Pantry is a nonprofit organization, schools and other organization requiring community service honor pantry volunteer hours. We’re happy to sign your community service form. High school students, contact us today for community service hours at Hope Center Pantry, Green Bay.

A Bright Idea: Focus on Energy’s LEDs help Pantry Families Save Energy

light bulb box from Focus on Energy donation to Hope Center Pantry

Hope Center Pantry found a bright way to help Green Bay, Wisconsin, families stretch their budgets a little farther. Focus on Energy donated several shipments of 60-watt LED light bulbs to Hope Center Pantry, through a Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin distribution. Residential LED light bulbs use approximately 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs and last approximately 25% longer. So, think of the money families will save on their electric bills by burning these energy efficient LED bulbs.

A Gift for Tough Economic Times

“We know in these tough economic times it’s important to help our neighbors,” said a Focus on Energy representative. Focus on Energy offers rebates and incentives for energy-saving projects and products. Smart energy decisions, like installing LED light bulbs in homes and businesses in Wisconsin, yield enduring economic benefits.

Pantry Thanks Focus on Energy

Hope Center Pantry, Green Bay, greatly appreciates Focus on Energy’s donation. The pantry’s clients were so grateful to receive the light bulbs. The gift of LED light bulbs helps families stretch their budgets and hopefully, direct the savings to put a meal on the table.

Donate a Food or Non-Food Item Today

How can your business or nonprofit organization shine light on those in need in Green Bay and Brown County, Wisconsin? The Pantry accepts food and non-food donations alike. Here is a Wish List of Hope Center Pantry’s current needs.