Carol Ewing: How Volunteer Work Became a Fulfilling Endeavor

Carol Ewing volunteers at Hope Center Pantry.

Hope Center Pantry volunteers make a lasting impact by feeding the hungry in Brown County, Wisconsin. The pantry offers many different ways to volunteer. Here’s Carol Ewing’s story of a friendship that led to over 20 years of food pantry volunteerism.

By Carol Ewing, Hope Center Food Pantry Volunteer
Donna Kessler (manager of St. Patrick’s Pantry and Hope Center Pantry from 2001-2021) and I were friends from church. We both decided to volunteer at the pantry that Sister Jean was running in the basement of the rectory at St. Patrick’s Parish 22 plus years ago. Through the years, there have been many changes at the pantry, but I always felt it was the right thing to do with my volunteer time. It still is!

Carol’s Journey: Family, Career, Retirement

My husband and I married young. We have four daughters. Sadly, I was a widow at age 54. Our daughters were all living on their own already. In my career, I worked for a trucking company as a customer service representative. I planned to retire from there, but the company went out of business. So, I went job hunting. I found a job working in customer service and accounting at a brick and tile company. I was able to retire at age 62. This allowed me and a companion to travel. I have been in all of the states except Maine and Hawaii.

A Life Well-Lived

I enjoy a healthy life. I am still able to do all the yard work including dealing with the snow in winter and keeping up a big yard in summer. I am very blessed! My daughters all live close by, so I see them all the time. I also have five grandchildren. Life is good!

Become a Food Pantry Volunteer Today

Volunteers provide an essential community service by feeding the hungry in the Green Bay area of Northeast Wisconsin. Thank you, Carol, and all of the volunteers at Hope Center Pantry. Contact us about volunteer opportunities or to schedule a visit to the pantry to experience volunteerism first-hand. The pantry is open 1-3pm Monday through Thursday at 505 Clinton St. Green Bay. Read the How You Can Help information to learn more.